Nosbaum Reding Projects is a programme of guest-curated exhibitions showcasing young emerging artists from around the world.

Guest curators: Alberto Garcìa del Castillo, Agata Jastrząbek, Sophie Jung, Eglė Kulbokaitė

4, rue Wiltheim L-2733 Luxembourg
Tuesday-Saturday 11:00 - 18:00



Walking in a field, my cousin Tyler reaches towards the ground, returning with a little gold cap psilocybin mushroom he spots emerging from a very large pile of cow poo.

?Do you want to eat this?? Tyler asks, picking it out of the manure and offering it to Uncle Jeff, a friend of my parents who occasionally raised my brother and I.

?No.? Jeff replies. ?I don?t like where it comes from.?


As botanics emerge from the earth, blooming within the air, so do forms develop as the result of thinking. A Void Flower is a unit of growth that emerges from a pool of thought. The Void is an hazy reservoir where ideas await the compositional tools of language: transitioning this abstract material from an interior existence, into that of an exterior enunciated one.

In moments of speech, thoughts built within one?s mind come out as words strung together: these units form meaning as they unravel into the air. Without dismissing the value that oblique sounds and bodily gestures contribute towards the emergence of an idea, we?ll say that, in general, moments of sonorous comprehension are the solid-gold enablers of verbal communication.


A disembodied head is captured at that moment where it?s discovering, and locating, their eyeballs within a scene.

This same head is now accompanied by a wooden zig-zag, signaling that a thought is laterally emerging from its solidified form, connecting to something else off-camera.

A body/form extends vertically, a pole of gestured parts, parsing the space of a black void.

Three flowers (a nose, a mouth, an eye) are arranged upon a blank field. Features grown out of the primordial pool of ooze, transitioning from the nebulous into the representational.

Our namesake appears in a photographic style appropriated from Brancusi, the flowers appearing as initial elements of a thing that will soon have a name, as captured in the light of its own making.

An alternate version sits side-by-side with their 1980?s counterpart. A comparative trajectory enabled through the addition of color, forming a familial portrait of two cousins across time.

Figurative sculptures sit upon the ground. Composed of units derived from that of a body, these arrangements employ a language of gesture using only themselves as material. If the physical analog of narrative is haze (which it is) these are forms that have collected this generative substance within each limb, torso, and head: arrangements enunciating discourse, through the posed composition of their parts.

  • Zin Taylor
  • b. 1978 in Calgary, Canada
    Lives and works in Brussels, Belgium


    Solo Exhibitions

    The Reclining Hippy and the Envelope - Bureau des Realites, Brussels, Belgium
    Stripes and Dots on the Isle of Portikus: A Story of Sound + Visuals (a small index of contemporary psych) - Portikus - Frankfurt, Germany
    TBA - In Light of 25 Years - Witte de With - Rotterdam, The Netherlands
    Solo Show - Nosbaum Reding - Luxembourg, Luxembourg
    Solo Show - Supportico Lopez - Berlin, Germany
    Two-person show (with Ute Muller) - Galleria collicaligreggi - Sicily, Italy

    Karl?s Body - Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz - Vienna, Austria
    The Illustrator - 1646 - The Hague, The Netherlands
    Foto/Studio/Zig-Zag - 21er Haus - Vienna, Austria
    The Tangental Zig-Zag, Kunstraum - London, England
    Portals (SUN MILK) - Maison Gregoire - Brussels, Belgium
    Dirt Not Copper - Two-person show with Lorna MacIntyre - 221a - Vancouver, Canada
    The Story of Stripes and Dots (Chapter 7) - Jessica Bradley Gallery - Toronto, Canada

    The Story of Stripes and Dots (Chapter 6) - Southern Alberta Art Gallery - Lethbridge, Canada
    The Story of Stripes and Dots (Chapter 5) - Fogo Island Arts - Fogo Island, Canada
    Letterhead - Kunsthal Charlottenborg - Copenhagen, Denmark
    Alphabet City - MiArt with Supportico Lopez - Milan, Italy
    Parrot Soup - Supportico Lopez - Berlin, Germany

    The Ceremony and The Spirit (with Roe Ethridge) - La Loge - Brussels, Belgium
    Art Statements - Art Basel - Basel, Switzerland
    The Story of Stripes and Dots (chapter 2) - Jessica Bradley - Toronto, Canada
    The Story of Stripes and Dots (chapter 1) - MuHKA - Antwerp, Belgium

    The Flute of Sub - The Artist's Institute - New York, USA
    Growth - KIOSK - Gent, Belgium
    The Instruments - ABC Berlin - Berlin, Germany
    The Five Arms of Supportico - Supportico Lopez - Berlin, Germany
    The Units - Ursula Blickle Stiftung - Kraichtal, Germany
    The Voids - Galerie Vidal Cuglietta - Brussels, Belgium

    The Nine Fingers of Malakoff - Pavilion Projects / Les Maison des Arts de Malakoff - Malakoff, France
    The Bakery of Blok (first arrangement) - Front Room - Contemporary Art Museum St Louis, St Louis, USA

    The Bakery of Blok and the Three Forms of Unit - Miguel Abreu Gallery - New York, USA
    The Bakery of Blok - Jessica Bradley - Toronto, Canada

    The Crystal Ship - BELvue Museum, Brussels, Belgium / Etablissement d?en Face Projects - Brussels, Belgium

    The Flute of Sub - Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi - Berlin, Germany
    Put Your Eye in Your Mouth: a conversational documentary recording Martin Kippenberger?s Metro-net Station in Dawson City, Yukon - Etablissement d?en Face Projects, Brussels, Belgium
    Who Named the Days? - Jessica Bradley - Toronto, Canada
    Put Your Eye in Your Mouth: a conversational documentary recording Martin Kippenberger?s Metro-net Station in Dawson City, Yukon - YYZ Artist-Outlet - Toronto, Canada
    Put Your Eye in Your Mouth: a conversational documentary recording Martin Kippenberger?s Metro-net Station in Dawson City, Yukon - Presentation House Gallery - Vancouver, Canada
    Nub - Diaz Contemporary - Toronto, Canada
    The Spiders - Collaborative project with Damian Moppett - Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

    The Flower Called Nowhere - Artspace, Peterborough, Canada

    Group Exhibitions

    AXOLOTLISM - Nogueras|Blanchard Gallery - Madrid, Spain
    Out of Line - Oakville Galleries - Oakville, Canada
    Trust - Copenhagen Art Festival: Kunsthal Charlottenborg and Kunstforeningen GL STRAND - Copenhagen, Denmark

    The Word Today Serves No One Except To Say To The Grocer Give Me A Pound Of Lentils - Supportico Lopez - Berlin, Germany
    Thinking Things - CGP London - Dilston Grove - London, England
    Interprète - Frac Ile-de-France / Le Plateau - Paris, France
    The Tools - Root Division - San Franciso, USA

    The Way of the Shovel - Museum of Contemporary Art - Chicago, USA
    Storytelling - National Gallery of Canada - Ottawa, Canada
    Collection - FRAC Basse-Normandie - Caen, France
    Salon der Angst - Kunsthalle Wien - Vienna, Austria
    IN THE HOUSE OF MR & MRS - Temporary Gallery - Cologne, Germany
    An Anatomical Chart of Love Pains - The Model - Sligo, Ireland
    Dawson Gold - Carleton University Art Gallery - Ottawa, CA
    A Handful of Dust - Contemporary Arts Forum - Santa Barbara, USA

    Stoppages - Hessel Museum of Art - Bard College, USA
    Manufacture - Centre PasquArt - Biel, Switzerland

    Ex-Libris - Galerie VidalCuglietta - Brussels, Belgium
    We Don't Need To Need to Do This - MOT International - London, United Kingdom
    Melanchotopia - Witte de With - Rotterdam - The Netherlands

    Architectooralooral - 1857 - Oslo, Norway
    Triumphant Carrot: The Persistence of Still Life - Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

    The Archeologists - Ursula Blickle Stiftung - Kraichtal, Germany
    Dream Machines: Objects and Physical Phenomena (A Reciprocal Love Story) ? Beaubourg, Brussels, Belgium
    Transformers - Jessica Bradley - Toronto, Canada
    Architecture of Survival ? Komplot - Brussels, Belgium

    Ideas of North - Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi - Berlin, Germany
    18:Beckett - Walter Phillips Gallery - Banff, Canada

    Habitat - Jessica Bradley - Toronto, Canada
    18:Beckett - Blackwood Gallery - Toronto, Canada
    Poster Project - Toronto Sculpture Garden - Toronto, Canada
    Du coté de Jessica Bradley Art + Projects - Galerie René Blouin - Montreal, Canada

    Arm in Arm - Or Gallery - Vancouver, Canada
    Dedicated to you but you weren?t listening - Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, Toronto, Canada

    What the World?s Like With The Words We Like - Catriona Jeffries Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
    Switch - University at Buffalo Gallery - Buffalo, NY, USA
    Publish or Perish - Open Space Gallery - Victoria, Canada
    New Toronto Artists in Adelaide - Downtown Art Space - Adelaide, Australia

    Soundtracks: Re-Play (Touring 2003 ? 2005)
    - Ottawa Art Gallery, Ottawa
    - MacKenzie Gallery, Regina
    - Interaccess Gallery, Toronto
    - Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton

Void Flowers

Zin Taylor

24.9.2015 - 07.11.2015