Down with reality

Minima moralia

se defiende bien


You are a product of your own culture

Abstract Apparition

Martian document exhibit B

La Joie de Vivre MJO 1965 (MILF)

Flowers with Same Old Shit written on top

From the Series : Notes from the Contern asylum #2

Joseph Beuys Sperm Bank Heist: Tales From The Crypt

Hand Unfolding The Chain Of The Infinite Abyss

Fear of a Kitsch Existence: Devil (actor)

Desires For Picabian Delicacies

The appearance of moving forward by walking backwards

Untitled (hat, heap of shit)


Problems with style

Tu Tambien Estraras da Moda

A Ideal not to be Realized (Marx and Lenin wrecking ball)


Life Is Crap