Born 1974 in Brussels. Works and lives in Brussels.


Aline Bouvy does speak about anal retention as the main disfunction of today's society; she's obviously referring to the normalisation and extended conformity within the rules that veil and forbid sex. Instead of bending to this parameters, she concentrates her work around the desire drive, creating images that emulate an anus and a mouth, the hand grabbing the penis or an archeological chance of arrangement. The main goal here is not provocation, nor mere composition, but the continuous flow of the liquid-saliva-style that is the very consistent language of Bouvy. Her last solo exhibitions include NICC (BE) and EAP Vénissieux (FR). Her work has been exhibited at Le Confort Moderne (FR), IMT Gallery (UK), Parallel / Oaxaca (MX) and Island (BE).


Solo shows



The future of not working, curated by Louise Osieka,CIAP, Hasselt, B

Pale, Havoc, Maison Grégoire-­Observatoire Galerie, duoshow with Simon Davenport, curated by Emmanuel Lambion, Brussels, B

CIAP, Hasselt, B


Heavy Fuckry / I don?t need you to feed me, Billboard Series #5, commissioned by Artlead, 019-Dock Noord, Ghent, B

Who will wear my teeth as amulets?, curated by Laurence Dujardyn and Matthias Wille, Motel, Brooklyn, NY

Urine Mate, Galerie Albert Baronian, Brussels, B

New Pabulum, duoshow with Simon Davenport, curated by Juste Kostikovaite, Kunstraum, London, UK

Sorry, I slept with your dog, Exo Exo, Paris, F

Man-­made  objects, curated by Lieven Seghers & Frank Koolen, 120 minutes, Brussels, B

I?m not interested in humans these days, Le Salon, Brussels, B

Politics of Intimacy, Nosbaum Reding, Luxembourg, LU
Forme et Langage de l'Empathie, Espace d'Arts Plastiques Madeleine Lambert, Vénissieux/Lyon, FR (catalogue)

It tastes like shit, it is shit, want a toothbrush, NICC, Brussels, BE

Group shows


How deep is your love ?, Cooper Cole Gallery, curated by Jenine Marsh, Toronto, CA (upcoming in september)

Plant B, Parc de la Fonderie, curated by Toke Lykkeberg and Sonia Dermience, Brussels, B (upcoming in september)

Le règne de l'harmonie, Le Quadrilatère, curated by Tipahie Dragaut-Lupescu, Beauvais, F

Hypokeimenon - En-Dessous du Sang, Galerie Nadine Feront, curated by Nils-Alix Tabeling, Brussels, B

Laurel, Greenpoint, curated by Tatiana Kronberg, Rosie Motley and Laurence Dujardyn, Brooklyn, NY, US

Form Cannibalism, The Stable, Waregem, B

Les Sept Péchés Spectraux, Curated by Emeline Depas, Galerie Arnaud Deschin, Paris, F
Transistion, curated by Pedro Morais, Galerie Alain Gutharc, Paris, F
A Last Song For The Titanic Orchestra, curated by Diesel Project Space, 019-Dock Noord, Ghent, B
Blue Plate Special, curated by Stephanie Hier and Larissa Lockshin, Dead Horse Bay, Brooklyn, NY
A Thousand Friends, curated by Elisa Rigoulet and Antoine Donzeaud, New Jörg Gallery, Vienna, AU
Retiens la nuit, curated by Hugo Vitrani, Galerie Rabouan Moussion, Paris, F
Highway Raven, Diesel Project Space, curated by X. Mary et N. Merca, Liège, B

How my mother got hacked, Dash Gallery, Kortrijk, B
Happy Faces, Johannes Vogt Gallery, curated by J.-B. Bernardet,  New York, NY
I?M Ten, IMT Gallery, London, UK
To blow smoke in order to heal, Galerie Albert Baronian, Brussels, B
Break out!, curated by Julian Elias Bronner and Benjamin Faust Weber, Frédéric de Goldschmidt Collection, Brussels, B

Andrew Birk, Aline Bouvy, Absalon Kirkeby, Christopher Crescent Gallery, Brussels, BE
Paradise Lost, curated by Damien & The Love Guru, Quincaillerie Vander Eycken, Brussels, BE
Natura Lapsa, curated by Yann Chevalier and Laurent Le Deunff, Le Confort Moderne, Poitiers, FR
My Legs Up And Exposed To The World My Bottom Under The Jean-Trousers, Nosbaum Reding Projects, curated by Alberto Garcia del Castillo, Luxembourg, LU
Return to Sender, curated by KAOS - Kunstatelier Opperstraat, WIELS, Brussels, BE
Vive l'Eté, Galerie Olivier Biltereyst, curated by D. Delepeleire, Brussels, BE
Bien ou Bien, Mon Chéri, Brussels, BE
Obliteration Devices, IMT Gallery, curated by David Burrows, London, UK
Are You Thinking About Atlantis?, curated by Komplot, Parallel, Oaxaca, MX
Material Art Fair, Komplot, Hilton Reforma, Mexico DF , MX
Acid Rain, Island, Brussels, BE