Barthélémy Toguo "All the World's Futures Urban Requiem" Biennale de Venise, Italy

9.5.2015 - 22.11.2015


« The installation Urban Requiem examines our shared human existence from varied and various perspectives: a scream, a reverent celebration, a ceremony, a memorial. This work honors those who encounter and endure injustice, and continues the investigation I started with Transits (1996); The New World Climax (2000); Purifications and Head Above Water (2004); Climbing Down (2005); and The Time (2011). In this installation, my work and process come together to focus on the concept of the ?other? - someone other than ourselves who shares our grief, our existence. As Camus said, "For me, art is not a solitary delight. It is a means of stirring the greatest number of people, by offering them a privileged picture of our common heartaches and joys." » B.T.

Barthélémy Toguo \"All the World\

Damien Deroubaix represented in a group show at Clovis XV in Brussels, Belgium

22.4.2015 - 10.5.2015
Damien Deroubaix represented in a group show at Clovis XV in Brussels, Belgium

Hugo Canoilas represented in a group show at Kunsthalle Wien

17.4.2015 - 31.5.2015


Destination Vienna 2015, an exhibition with more than 70 positions of contemporary art, provides a comprehensive insight into Vienna?s art scene. At its two venues, Kunsthalle Wien presents selected contributions from artists of different generations, working in various methods and differing in their use of media. The exhibits were chosen from almost 900 proposals which consisted of entries submitted in an open call and results based on research and external references. The outcome portrays a quite idiosyncratic, surprising and pluralistic view of the Viennese art scene. Alongside the presentation of works in Kunsthalle Wien Museumsquartier?s two exhibition halls, Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz will offer events such as performances and talks.


Artists: Adrian Alecu, Ovidiu Anton, Anna Artaker, Kurdwin Ayub, Josef Bauer, Cäcilia Brown, Adrian Buschmann, Hugo Canoilas, Julian Charrière, Mitya Churikov, Los Destinados (Julius Deutschbauer / Klaus Pobitzer / Panos Mylonas), Eva Egermann, Christian Eisenberger, Christian Falsnaes, Marina Faust, Lukas Feigelfeld, Daniel Ferstl, Andreas Fogarasi, Heinz Frank, Heribert Friedl, Peter Fritzenwallner, G.R.A.M., Kerstin von Gabain, Till Gathmann, Aldo Giannotti, Sofia Goscinski, Julian Göthe, Eva Grubinger, Harald Gsaller, Rebekka Hagg, Michael Heindl, Nicholas Hoffman, Ana Hoffner, David Jourdan, Barbara Kapusta, Eric Kläring, Tonio Kröner, Tina Lechner, Sonia Leimer, Paul Leitner, Constantin Luser, Nana Mandl, Christian Mayer, Ralo Mayer, Sarah Mendelsohn, Melitta Moschik, Hans Nevidal, Josip Novosel, Denise Palmieri, Michael Part, Nicola Pecoraro, permanent breakfast (Friedemann Derschmidt / Abbé Libansky / Karin Schneider / Barbara Zeidler), Lilly Pfalzer / Sergio Valenzuela, Karin Pliem, Johannes Porsch, Hanna Putz, Andreas Reiter Raabe, Ritornell, Valentin Ruhry, Maru?a Sagadin, Ari Sariannidis, Johann Schoiswohl, Leander Schönweger, Misha Stroj, Philipp Timischl, Jenni Tischer, Octavian Trauttmansdorff, Nadim Vardag, Salvatore Viviano, Astrid Wagner, Tanja Widmann, Birgit Zinner

Christoph Meier represented in a group show at the Austrian Cultural Forum New York

1.4.2015 - 27.7.2015



Curated by Peter BOGNER


The group exhibition Display of the Centuries. Frederick Kiesler and Contemporary Art at the Austrian Cultural Forum New York is dedicated to the work and ideas of the Austrian American architect, designer, artist, and theoretician Frederick Kiesler, as 2015 marks the 50th anniversary of his death, his 125th birthday, and the 50th anniversary of the completion of his most famous work, the Shrine of the Book in Jerusalem.

16 contemporary artists examine strategies of representation and display, not only referencing the works of Frederick Kiesler, but also grappling with Raimund Abraham's intricate design of the building that hosts this exhibition. They will investigate questions of art production and its subsequent presentation.

Curated by Peter Bogner, the works on view contrast and often are at odds with the architectural conditions of the Austrian Cultural Forum?s interconnected gallery floors, and thus appropriate the space for themselves. With great sensibility for the arrangement and relationship of objects in their spatial environment, the participating artists use ideas of both Frederick Kiesler and Raimund Abraham to present them in new conceptual contexts.

Christoph Meier represented in a group show at the Austrian Cultural Forum New York

Damien Deroubaix "Picasso et moi" à la Fondation Maeght

29.11.2014 - 15.3.2015
Damien Deroubaix \"Picasso et moi\" à la Fondation Maeght
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